Represented here are the material swatches that we have in stock, but keep in mind that we can custom tailor any job to use any fabric or material you can think of.


Price Categories

According to manufacturers prices, these materials are separated into 14 price categories.


These are materials that we work with often and we would be happy to send you a swatch so that you can pick which one will work best for your needs.

Price Category: 1



Dulkote On Styrene


Price Category: 2


Laura Beige

Laura Parchment

Laura Natural

Laura White

Laura Cream

Price Category: 3

Fleece Tan


Price Category: 4

White Brighton

Price Category: 5

Speckled Kozo

Beige Homespun

White Elephant Hyde

Flax Linen

Thai Banana

Linen Louise Cream


Desert White

30 Point Styrene

Price Category: 6

Black N Gold

Satin Black

Linda Black


White N Silver

Price Category: 7

Olive Drab

Price Category: 8

Burlap On Dulkote

Bleached Burlap

Burlap On Styrene

Jute Chintz

Price Category: 9

Anna Cream

Anna Tan

Roja Red

Natural Franklin

Kona Navy

Silkara Burlap



Camelot Wheat

Pebble Silkglow

Camelot Tusah

Northfield Beige

Kona White

Kona Sand

Kona Brown

Regal Satin Winter White

Mystique Gold

Mystique Vanilla

Mystique Burgandy

Mystique Black

Cream Brussels



Ocean Blue

Blue Stone

Croissant Silkglow

Blue Sunkiss

Price Category: 10

Blue Serpentine

Orange Serpentine

Purple Serpentine

Orange Moire

Blue Moire

White Moire

Sheer Purple

Sheer Ivory

Sheer Brown

Sheer Grape

Sheer Platinum

Sheer Olive

Sheer Black

Sheer Red

Sheer White

Sheer Bronze

New Sheer Celery

White Serpentine

Sheer Blue

Sheer Patina

Purple Moire

Price Category: 11

Beige Shantung

White Shantung

Price Category: 12

Red Trilam

Anna Tan Trilam

Grey Trilam

Orange Trilam

Green Trilam

Brown Trilam

Parsley Trilam

Cream Trilam

Amber Trilam

Spice Trilam

Lapis Trilam

Medium Gray Trilam

Yellow Trilam

White Trilam

Black Trilam

Price Category: 13

Oatmeal Linen


Tan Linen

Price Category: 14

Maple Wood

Dark Wood

Medium Wood

Light Wood

Metallic Vine

Natural Cork


White Grid

Zurich White